Dancing With The Stars and The Singing Bee lead singer Grant Sullivan, heads this international class duo! Mojo play top ten hits from the 50s to the latest music! The ideal band for your event! Make it a day to remember, not a day to forget!

Second to none in terms of musical variety and entertainment factor, Wellington band Mojo have been successfully playing for corporate and social events for almost 10 years throughout New Zealand.

With a client base ranging from the NZRFU to Sky City, Mojo have a proven formula for providing live entertainment executed in a professional and world class manner.

Lead singer, Grant Sullivan, is the voice of Dancing With The Stars and The Singing Bee and has more than 30 years experience in the music industry! Grant has been rated one of New Zealands top vocalists by none other than Frankie Stevens (NZ Idol). He has worked with some of the top artists in the country as a singer and sound engineer!

Mojo supply all equipment required and as such there are no additional hidden ‘extras.” The band provide up to a 3 hour show and can tailor performances to suit.

Email mojo@gse.co.nz for bookings!

Please check out Mojo's CV, References and Demo's, by clicking on these links!